Step 1 |   An Introductory Call

This 15-30 minute call ensures you get what you need from your consultation.

  • Please be prepared to tell Amanda about your business, growth/exit goals, and known challenges.

  • Amanda will answer any questions you have about her expertise to ensure this is the right fit.

If you'd like to proceed with a consultation, Amanda will schedule a meeting with you, and you'll receive an invoice for your upcoming consultation.

Step 2 |   Your Consultation

The objectives and topics of your consulting session are defined by you. To prepare:

  • Create an agenda of the topics to discuss.

  • Bring a list of your questions.

  • Bring examples of your marketing that may provide useful context for your questions.

  • If you’d like to bring someone from your team, we recommend bringing only one additional person to ensure your session is focused and productive.

If you’re ready to begin a project, contact us for a demonstration of capabilities and custom proposal.